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Admin Awards Board of Judges Information

The Admin Awards Board of Judges is an elite community of Leaders comprised of both tenured Administrative Professionals and area Executives that evaluate Admin Award candidates and ensure that the quality, integrity and mission of the Administrative Profession’s highest honor is upheld. The goal of each Judge is to work to ensure the best possible outcome is produced in advancing only the top administrative talent to the next phase of our competition in each of our program cities.

Program Judges are invited to attend our Cheers to Nominees cocktail reception and are given 2 tickets to the Admin Awards Gala. The Board of Judges is a unique leadership opportunity reserved for approximately 10-14 judges who represent organizations of various sizes and industries.

Additional Information:

The judging process is fully automated and is done through our Awards Portal
Approximately 4-5 hours should be allocated to evaluating candidates
We typically give judges 7-10 days to complete their judging assignments

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