Our Partnership Philosophy

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Eight principles that guide our approach to partnerships.
This is what we believe:

1. Nobody knows our clients’ business better than they do.

2. Our job is to guide clients towards solutions that we believe will be embraced by our community of B2B decision makers while helping them achieve their goals.

3. We don’t partner with companies whose products and services we can’t fully get behind because we’ve come to understand that in the eyes of our community, a sponsorship is an implied endorsement and they are inclined to trust the providers that we do.

4. Customer success is always a joint venture.

5. We want to work with companies that believe in our mission and are also passionate about it.

6. We love creativity and understand that it sometimes comes in its own time. We will always present new ideas along the way and love it when our partners do too.

7. Our job is to protect your brand by reflecting what we’ve learned about working with our community of Admins and their Executive counterparts. Sometimes that means we need to steer you away from a strategy we don’t believe will work for you, even if it means in the end we don’t work together.

8. We believe if we get the little things right, people will trust us with the big things. Our relentless attention to detail is a reflection of this.