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Marketing & Sales Partnerships

The Admin Awards platform is a world-class rewards and recognition program that also enables brands to access the most challenging audience to reach; business decision makers at the helm of companies; Executives & Administrative Professionals.

What Sets Us Apart

Our strong brand affinity enables us to build powerful emotional connections with our Partners and their Desired Audience in a way that drives results. Because the Admin Awards only partners with best in class companies as we’ve learned through the years that when we partner with a company it’s an implied endorsement to our audience. This means you can rest assured you’ll be in exceptional company as a Marketing Partner, and aligned with only the very best.

Program Elements

The Admin Awards is a year-round platform that includes elements that provide a variety of B2B marketing vehicles that are known to drive results. Below is an overview of the 10 key program elements.

Marketing & Sales Partnership Opportunities

The Admin Awards has worked hard to create partnerships opportunities that mirror the way B2B purchasing decisions are made by buyers. That’s why we offer a solid combination of vehicles to help drive awareness, engagement with your brand and ultimately ROI. We have nearly a decade of very strong case studies that tie significant returns to Admin Awards partnerships. 

Our Partners

We work with organizations of every size and stature in both HR & Sales and Marketing partnerships. Below is just a snapshot of the kinds of companies we’ve worked with who rely on the Admin Awards for quality solutions that drive results. While many of the examples below are enterprise-size companies, we’ve worked with many small and regional organizations as well who rely on the Admin Awards to produce big returns.

Become a Marketing Partner

To learn more about The Admin Awards and if a partnership is right for you, contact:

National Partnerships, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Chicago & Boston:
Eric Trautmann, SVP of Partnerships at [email protected] or 415-823-8133.

Dallas Fort Worth, Houston & Denver:
Ellen Freeman, Program Director, [email protected] or 817-797-8925