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How the Admin Awards Works

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How The Admin Awards WorksAcademy Awards for Admins

Becoming nationally known as the ‘Academy Awards for Admins’, the Admin Awards is the country’s first and only awards program dedicated to providing executives and coworkers with a powerful platform for recognizing the backbones of their organizations, Administrative Professionals, in nine award categories. Winning an Admin Award is considered the Administrative Profession’s highest honor. We currently operate in 10 cities across the U.S. which are all listed below.

The Admin Awards was created by the daughter of an Executive Secretary in 2012 who experienced first-hand the tremendous impact her Mother had in the profession before retiring just shy of her 80th birthday. Today, The Admin Awards is one of the country’s fastest growing business award programs. To read the backstory in an article written about Admin Awards Founder and University of North Texas Alumni Sunny Nunan, visit https://northtexan.unt.edu/issues/2018-fall/administering-recognition

To watch a short interview with our Founder visit: Jeff Crilley Interview with Sunny Nunan, Founder of the Admin Awards – Admin Awards

How are Nominations Submitted?

Executives and coworkers from area companies operating in our seven markets submit nominations through our website (look for the big yellow NOMINATE button) in support of their extraordinary Administrative Professionals (Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Office Managers – there are over 100 titles that reflect the Administrative profession). Nominations can be submitted in one or more of the nine award categories before the below deadlines. There is no cost to nominate thanks to our Program Sponsors.

View Nomination Deadlines and Details for your city by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Silicon Valley
Dallas Fort Worth
San Francisco Bay Area
Pacific Northwest
Washington D.C

Once a nomination is submitted, Nominees are notified instantly through our awards portal that they’ve been nominated for an Admin Award, and by whom. Anonymous nominations are not accepted. When a Nominee receives notification, they must accept their nomination and verify their information in order to stay in the competition. You also must be present at the Awards Gala to win an Admin Award.

Who Participates?

Thousands of companies have participated in our nine-year history including companies of every size and industry including many of the country’s Fortune 500 companies, mid-market, small businesses, start-ups, nonprofits, and government institutions – any organization that relies on the administrative function is invited to participate. The competition produces Finalists and Winners from every company size and industry sector. Click HERE to view a snapshot of some of the companies that have participated in our program.

The 9 Admin Award Categories & the Program’s Most Prestigious Award

There are nine individual award categories which vary slightly by market including the program’s most prestigious award, The Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence, which celebrates the spirit and proficiency of former Secretary turned President of Southwest Airlines during her five-decade career. Colleen personally evaluates and selects the Finalists and Winners in the award category that bears her name.

There is also one company award category, The Founder’s Award, which celebrates progressive companies that create an exceptional work environment for Administrative Professionals and meet specific criteria.

To view the award categories in your market select the appropriate city from our homepage.

The Admin Awards Kick Off Party 

Each year we host a Kick Off Party in each city which kicks off the new season and is a celebration of our growing list of Nominees who attend alongside their Supervisors and other Nominators. Thanks to the generosity of our Sponsors, this event is complimentary.

Determination of Finalists and Winners

An independent Board of Judges including Colleen Barrett evaluates and scores each of the candidates, determining the Finalists and Winners in each Award Category. These decisions are based solely on the written nominations. Neither the Admin Awards staff nor program Sponsors have any role in the judging process.  Finalists are announced at the Awards Gala in each city which is also where the 9 Admin Award Winners are revealed.

The ‘Good as Gold’ Admin Awards Dinner Gala & Celebration

All program Nominees are honored at the Admin Awards ‘Good as Gold’ Dinner Gala which is a five-star experience held annually in each of our program cities. Companies attend to cheer on their Nominees as the Finalists and Winners are revealed and display a tremendous sense of pride! While the Admin Awards is a competition, at its heart it’s a celebration of every Administrative Professional that attends the gala who receives an awesome commemorative gift valued at over $50, and is registered to win over 12 amazing prizes valued at over $500 and as much as $20,000 in some markets!

To watch a short video of the Good as Gold gala, click HERE.

Finalist & Winner Pride

There is a tremendous amount of pride that companies display when they have an Administrative Professional that advances to the Finalist or Winner status. Pictured to the right you’ll see that Nasdaq Tower in Times Square congratulating Nancy Nordberg of Maxim Integrated for winning the Leadership Award and DocuSign which brought over 30 attendees to cheer on their Loyalty Award Winner Daniela Bin Oteiza armed with concert-style signs.