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How to Craft a Winning

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How to Craft a Winning Nomination for the Admin Awards

Are you eager to nominate an extraordinary Administrative Professional for the Admin Awards? Whether it’s your first time or you’re rooting for a previous finalist, these tips from our Founder, Sunny Nunan, will help you create a compelling and successful nomination, enhancing your nominee’s chances of progressing in the competition.

1. Choose an Exceptional Administrative Professional

Selecting a truly exceptional Admin is the foundation of a winning nomination. Look for someone who embodies excellence, is indispensable to your organization, and whose absence is unimaginable. Genuine enthusiasm and appreciation for their contributions will resonate strongly with the judges.

Avoid superficial praise like “Jane is great! We enjoy working with her.” Instead, focus on meaningful, sincere acknowledgment of their value.

2. Direct Supervisors’ Involvement is Key

While multiple nominations from a company are common, it’s essential that the Admin’s direct supervisor(s) contribute a written nomination. These carry more weight with judges due to the direct interaction with the nominee. However, strong nominations from other organizational members can also lead to success, even if the direct supervisor does not participate.

3. Details Make the Difference

Specific anecdotes, clear examples of exceptional work, and quantifiable impacts on the business strengthen a nomination. Judges depend on the written details you provide, so be comprehensive. Typically, nominations that reach finalist and winner status average 700-900 words.

4. Compilation vs. Individual Nominations

There’s no set rule whether to submit a compiled nomination or individual ones. Both approaches are valid. If compiling, include the names and titles of contributors for clarity. Encourage all nominators to invest time in crafting thoughtful, detailed nominations. Often, one powerful, detailed nomination from a direct supervisor can be more impactful than several less detailed ones.

5. Broaden Your Support Base

Encourage clients and vendors to contribute to your Admin’s nomination. Admins often have significant internal and external impact. While inviting external contributions, emphasize the importance of heartfelt, detailed nominations. Anyone positively impacted by the Admin is welcome to nominate.

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