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My 1st ever Admin Award experience & let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It fills me with pride to see so many colleagues recognized for their relentless hours of support , hard work & dedication. Truly a blessing to have had the opportunity to witness so much greatness in one room. THANK YOU Admin Awards Team for all that you have created!


Sr. Executive Assistant, Advanced Micro Devices

This was our first time hearing about and attending the Admin Awards. It was really endearing to see these great admins acknowledged and recognized for their great contributions to successful companies.


Executive Assistant, Vizient, Inc.

The Admin Awards was such a great experience! Having a program designed to acknowledge all the hard work admins do behind the scenes for their executives and companies is amazing! It is like no other!! I appreciated all the thoughtfulness put in the nominees reception and awards gala. My team and I had a blast!!


Administrative Assistant, Forthea

This was my second time attending the Admin Awards, the first time was virtual in 2021. The energy of the live awards show was awesome. The virtual show was great too, we just brought our own excitement. This program is such a wonderful was for Assistants to celebrate each other, I appreciate everything that goes into planning and choosing the finalists. I am sure it is not easy given the caliber of every nomination. Overall, just being in the room is exciting!


Sr. Executive Assistant, Bloomreach

The recognition of admins is so needed and really celebrates the idea of teamwork and collaboration for everyone to be successful. What a beautiful night to celebrate and thank all EA’s.


CEO, Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare System

My overall experience was fantastic. Everyone was friendly and accommodating. The logistics of the whole event was well done. I loved the upbeat of the event and the MC was awesome


Exec Office Administrator, The Boeing Company

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” Voltaire Gratitude fosters kindness, trust, a sense of belonging, and appreciation; It helps us build (and deepened) relationships and engage at a higher level. The Admin. Awards are a tangible, unexpected, personal, and public expression of gratitude.


EA and Employee Experience Specialist

I am so grateful and appreciative of the spotlight that Admin Awards has put on this amazing profession that often times doesn’t get a lot of recognition. I can’t wait for next year!


Executive Assistant, West Monroe

From the moment I received the email that I had been nominated for the Admin Awards, all communication was informative, sincere, and appreciative. The program is so necessary for the Admin industry and does well to recognize so many professionals and the great work they are doing. The virtual live award show was fun and engaging. As you watch you really are rooting for all of the finalists! Watching them receive their award live was such unquie idea and fueled the energy of the show. Thank you Admin Awards for all you are doing!


Executive Assistant, Illinois Policy Institute

The Admin Awards excels at recognizing and celebrating the contributions that administrative professionals provide to their executives and companies.


Executive Assistant, Toyota

What a great experience! My advice to future finalists is to prepare a speech beforehand. I didn’t expect to be so nervous when they called my name.


Division Manager and Sr. Executive Assistant, Medical City Healthcare

The event was very well done, and really expressed the importance of the role of an Administrative Professional. Our first event, we look forward to participating again next year.


Executive Administrative Assistant, Cheniere Energy Inc.

I think the Admin Awards are a fantastic way to recognize the hard work of administrative professionals in what is sometimes a thankless job! For me personally just knowing that my team took the time to submit a nomination for me was special in and of itself. Winning was just icing on the cake!


Executive Assistant, ChampionX

I thoroughly enjoyed myself to the point I am still on a high. You never know how much someone saying “Thank You For All That You do” or “We Appreciate You” feels till it is done in a way that makes you cry tears of happiness and joy. All I keep saying to everyone is if this is how much fun it was virtually, I can only imagine what it would have been like in person. The excitement and love just radiate through the screens during every call and email leading all the way up to the over all awards ceremony. I am just in Awe! Thank you so much for all of the love that is being given to a Administrative Community!


Operational Support Administrator, Robert Half

It is such an honor to appear in the company of such accomplished finalists!


Senior Executive Assistant, Pattern Energy

The AdminAwards is an extremely well organized event to recognize Administrative Professionals. An event an admin can attend that they haven’t had to organize themselves! A fun event for sure 🙂 Thank you to all the AdminAwards team for all the hard work.


EA to EVP, United Contractors

I was so flattered and honored when my team nominated me, and beyond thrilled when I won! This is a fantastic show and a great way to reward hardworking employees.


Director of Administration , PIERCE Property Services LLC

I was so thrilled to have been nominated as a finalist. I was, admittedly, late to the event because of a personal situation out of my control, but from what I experienced of the event it was amazing. The actual event aside, the ethos behind the event is so important. It shows appreciation in an often thankless career path. Leading from behind is often not glamorous and I think it’s really magical you bring glamor and appreciation to admins across the country.


Chief of Staff, Acceleration Partners

As this was my first time attending, I thoroughly enjoyed the awards. I loved the energy in the room, and salute those who worked behind the scenes to make it happen. I look forward to attending again, and congratulations to all nominees, finalist and award winners!


CEO, Earl Bynum Ministries, INC

I advocated for my new company to attend the gala even though we didn’t have any nominees that year in the hopes they would get more buy-in to the program. Think they had a great time and they already discussing ways to increase presence at next year’s gala.


Executive Assistant, Vizient Inc

It’s so nice to have an upscale celebration for the hard work we do as Administrators. It makes me proud of my title and encourages me to do my best. Thank you to everyone who planned this years Gala! It was a real treat.


Executive Administrative Assistant, Cheniere Energy

To watch a group of professionals speak on the passion, and great joy, of the all-encompassing details of an Executive Administrator is inspiring, as a start— Then… Amazing! Congratulations to EAs!


Director of Business Travel, The Clift Hotel, San Francisco

I absolutely love The Admin Awards. It is such a well done event. It definitely lives up to the name “The Academy Awards for Admins”! I love how supportive everyone in the room is of every finalist and every admin. Such a positive vibe atmosphere that makes it so enjoyable. Thank you!


Executive Assistant II, HERE Technologies

I served in an Administrative role with Guardian Angel for 5 years. It was wonderful to see our organization recognize the work of the Administrative staff. Administrative staff at a non-profit agency are often the unsung heroes that go unrecognized but without which no organization can function. These awards are a wonderful way to bring these individuals to the forefront for recognition and accolades that they deserve.


Foster Care Counseling Supervisor, Guardian Angel Community Services

The Admin Awards and their commitment to shedding light on the administrative profession and professionals is high caliber. They treat you like gold no matter your status in the competition. They roll out the proverbial and literal red carpet for all admins and make you feel so welcomed, appreciated and seen. The nominee celebratory event was exceptional and fun. Seeing so many organizations and leaders in the room supporting their admin support staff was such a pleasure to be a part of. Even the informational zoom calls were fun. The gala itself was inspirational, extraordinary and so much fun! It took everything in me not to offer assistance with set up but none was even needed. This event and the team in charge knocked it out of the park and I’m forever appreciative!


Business Affairs Coordinator, Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority

Thank you Admin Awards for so many things. First, thank you, Sunny, for the vision and all the work to bring this to fruition. Thank you, Ben, for the instructions on how the celebration works. Thank you, Judy, and all the staff, for generating excitement and for always available and patient with answering questions. The Admin Awards made this such a fun experience!!


Sr. Admin. Assistant, Intel

I was VERY impressed by this event. I have attended many events that moved to a virtual format after being in-person. NONE compared to the production of this event. I remain HIGHLY impressed. I was moved to tears at one point and so so happy to have attended alongside my finalist.


SVP, Learning & Employee Experience, FGMC

I could not be more proud of being a part of the advisory board. The admin awards commitment to me and my company (Ericsson) was/phenomenal. Every step of the way we were supported. Looking forward to a lasting partnership.


Executive Assistant - EMT, Ericsson

I really enjoyed being on the Advisory Board for these past 5 years. It is always so heartwarming to see the thrill when these very deserving Admins win.


Executive Assistant to COO, AIG

My experience with the Admin Awards was fantastic. Everything was professionally done from the presentations to the winner announcements.


Senior Paralegal, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas

Administrative professionals work behind the scenes to ensure the success of others and an organization – being in the spotlight is not a comfortable place for us to be. But because of the silent nature of the work, our contributions are often overlooked and unrecognized. I’m so grateful that the Admin Awards moved into the Pacific Northwest, to give us an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the amazing contributions our local Admins make every day.


Executive Assistant, Community Health Center of Snohomish County

As a finalist and then winner of the loyalty award in the Philadelphia market, I can’t say enough about the Admin Awards. It was such an honor to be nominated and then to be a winner is something I will remember my entire life. Everyone associated with the Admin Awards was amazing and it is such a wonderful organization.


Executive Assistant, AboveBoard

I was skeptical at first as I’m not one to bring attention to myself. After participating for the first time I’m a total believer and supporter in the importance of recognizing great achievements for Admins in every company. Our profession has traditionally and even today is seen as a stepping stone to something better or one that nobody thinks anyone wants to pursue as a career. The story behind Admin Awards is such a testimony of how valuable our profession is to our leaders and our companies. I would highly recommend participating especially if you haven’t yet! Thank you Sunny & Ben and the entire Admin Awards team for this much needed and amazing recognition program!


Sr. Executive Assistant, Salesforce

I LOVE everything you do and it just gets better with the years! The recognition and caliber of the event is first-class.


Executive Assistant, Synopsys

I cannot say enough about what a great event this is! Well run – executed to the max. Never felt more appreciated and Special. So much fun – thank you!


Station Administrator Coordinator, Southwest

The Admin Awards is a breath of fresh air to the administrative world. It felt really great to be honored and appreciated for the work I do. If you value your administrative professional(s), be sure to nominate them! It is just an added bonus that the award show itself is a wonderful celebration and the awards are beautiful.


Associate Director, Office Operations & Facilities, Firewood Marketing

I could not be more proud to be the 2022 Dallas Admin Awards Spirit Award winner!! I am over the moon and my feet still haven’t touched the ground!! I can’t thank the nominees or the judges enough for this amazing moment. Till the day I retire, I will look back on this night as the best night of my career!! Thank you!!


Senior Executive Assistant, West Monroe

There is nothing more powerful than to be in a room full of dynamic culture-builders, collaborative nurturers and creative leaders from all different walks of lives, united by our dedication to serve our companies with a warm and tenacious heart. Events like these allow administrative professionals to feel seen, appreciated, and fired up for the long-run.


Sr. Administrative Assistant, Nektar Therapeutics

I had never heard of the Admin Awards Houston so when I was nominated by a co-worker, it was an honor and a surprise. Having been chosen as a finalist in the Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence category and then being announced as the winner was a moment that I will never forget. From the moment the Admin enters, sees her picture on the Finalist Wall, walks the red carpet to check-in, to the end of the ceremony, the entire event was superbly orchestrated! All the prizes were phenomenal and a huge THANKS to the sponsors of those prizes. The energy in the room was OFF-SCALE and so much fun! I look forward to attending in years to come!


Administrative Assistant, Lead, KBR - NASA

This was my first time attending The Admin Awards as I never knew they existed and I’ve been in my profession for 31 years! I had the opportunity to judge the nominees; challenging to say the least. 🙂 I absolutely loved, loved, loved every minute of the event. It was entertaining, fun, energetic, and heart felt. I truly could feel the appreciation for the awesome men and women we were celebrating! I’m looking forward to next year!!


Sr. Executive Assistant, TechnipFMC

This year was my 3rd year as a finalist, but my 1st year actually being supported by my company and team. I started with a new company in March and they were in full support! The head of our Human Resources team was one of my guests and she was amazed by the event and ready to get more involved so that all of our Admins can be part of this great event. I was humbled by the mention of my name and new company in the speeches of the MC and Sunny. It goes to show just how much the Admin Awards truly listens and cares for Admins and their growth. I did not win the award in my category, but I did win 2 amazing prizes! I felt like a winner the moment I arrived and walked the red carpet. My self-created outfit was a big hit so I have to outdo myself next year. Thank you for creating an organization that reminds us just how truly amazing we are and that we are the pillars that make things happen and hold it all together! I cannot wait until next year!


Executive Assistant, Link Logistics Real Estate

This was the first I’d heard of the Admin Awards and was honored to be a finalist! I look forward to bringing awareness to this amazing event to the admins in my company because we have an incredible amount of talent that I would love to see get some much deserved recognition!


Executive Assistant, AbbVie

Sunny’s tribute to her mother who is the ultimate inspiration for the Admin Awards has revolutionized the administrative worlds. My interactions with everybody in her team and advisory board members have been extremely positive and uplifting! Kudos to the Admin Awards Team for orchestrating such a magical celebratory gala last Friday! The attentions to details are impeccably brilliant. To be celebrated in such magnificent fashions is out of this world. I came home wrapped in warm hugs of appreciations and attestation on how indispensable our roles are. Winning the Public Service Award (plus GAG Best Dressed) combined is the cherry on top for me personally.


Executive Assistant to the Provost, University of Massachusetts Lowell

I was shocked when my name was announced as winner! I am still feeling like a million bucks! Thank you very much!


Senior Executive Assistant, Fidelity Investments

I was honestly blown away. It was my first time attending and you guys went above and beyond to really make the night special.


Executive Assistant, Roche

This was my first experience with Admin Awards. I was fortunate to be a finalist and love that the organization is finally do something to recognize Admins, who are the heart of any organization.


EA to CEO & COO, Congruex

The experience was GREAT! To be nominated was a true honor, but to participate as a finalist was pure JOY. It was fun to engage in decorating, having the opportunity to dress up, and just be creative…basically to do all the things that I LOVE doing every day as an Administrative Professional. Thank you!


Manger Education Programs, UT Southwestern Medical Center

This is one of the most well put together celebrations for Admins I have ever seen and it was virtual. They kept the audience engaged, had prizes, and encouraged participation via pictures posted to social media.


EA, Toyota North America

This is the first time I have participated. Hope our company, Medical City Healthcare, gets more involved to celebrate all the awesome admins at my sister facilities.


Executive Assistant II to CEO, COO, & CFO, Medical City Lewisville

The Admin Awards is a long overdue recognition for admins. I’ve been in the industry for over 40 years and have support an awesome group of recruiters who are always winning awards, achieving goals and getting recognition. There are a lot of women and men in the work force supporting co-workers and they deserve the recognition. Thanks to Sunny and all the Admin Awards supporters for recognizing a well deserved group of people.


Business Manager, Nearterm Corporation

As an Administrative Professional, our job is predominately to take care of everyone else; which we do with pride and dignity. It’s a great honor even to be nominated. It feels pretty special to have the spotlight shown on a role that is typically always behind the scenes. Thank you to the Admin Awards for shining the light!


Sr. Executive Assistant, Expedia Group

When I found out I was being nominated for an admin award, it made me really emotional. In general, we’re known as the behind the scene folks. For an exec to go out of her way to find a way to recognize me was incredible. Throughout the process, I had folks from the organization call to congratulate me and share next steps, I joined prep calls and I updated my social media channels with the provided graphics, which made for great conversations, especially with former colleagues. The virtual show was still so well executed, it makes me really excited to go to an in person event. The excitement that was shared throughout the evening was so fun and wonderful. I will proudly be displaying my award when I go back to the office in September! Thank you!!


Executive Business Partner, Lyft

This is a one-of-a-kind organization honoring people who don’t get enough credit for the positive impact they have on the world and in our lives. We are so happy to sponsor this great organization and honor these tremendous people!


Managing Vice President, Thought Ensemble, a Pariveda Company

This event is my 3rd to attend and it is so nice to be recognized. You make all Admins feel special whether they are nominated or not and we get to meet so many new people. It was great being able to celebrate with everyone.


Sr. Admin. Assistant, Texas Children's Hospital

Highly recommend this event be a must attend at least once in every admin’s career!


Supervisor, EA to the CEO, Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation

It was a magical evening. It felt so good to be recognized in such a special way. I was a little disappointed the the rookie of the year award got dropped off, since I think that it would have been really fun to acknowledge the admins that are new in the field. but understood that there was not enough nominees to make it a category. I will for sure try again in the future. It was a really nice event Admin awards, your team did a great job! Thanks again!


Admin to CIO, Juniper

Overall, again, I was blown away. I’ve been to many awards galas and this by far put them to shame. I met a lot of people and it was a joy to be in a room of my peers.


Special Administrative Assistant to Management, Audacy

This event was incredible, to say the least. The level of support and encouragement was inspiring. I came to work today feeling a sense of pride and the want to be better.


Executive Assistant, Grainger

This was my first Admin Awards event. It was magical. It is a unique feeling being the focus of such a glamorous gala rather than a behind-the-scenes person. Thank you.


Executive Administrator, Analog Devices

My wife was a nominee and won the Loyalty award. From start to finish I thought the who award ceremony was fantastic. The flow, the music, the decorations, and the food was perfect. Very well done!


Executive Assistant, Advent International

As an administrator, I was honored to attend the Admin Awards Gala. It was a very special evening to connect with colleagues and celebrate all of the hard work that Admins do. The event was glamorous and so much fun – 10/10 would recommend and can’t wait to attend again, ideally being a nominee or winner! Thank you for a great time!


District Operations Specialist, Robert Half

I just attended my first Admin Awards and it was a tremendous honor to be named a finalist. Over 40 years ago I started this journey as an Administrative Professional and never looked back. By nature of our profession, we are “givers” and it was a tremendous feeling to be given in return something so special as the Admin Awards gala. I’ve never felt so appreciated in my life!


Executive Assistant to the CEO, Organogenesis

My experience at the Admin Awards was beyond exciting. To see fellow Admins get nominated for their talent, excellence and willingness to go above and beyond is amazing. I truly wish every company felt and treated their Admins the was the Admin Award team and process does.


Executive Assistant, Vir Biotechnology, Inc.

It is Monday and I am still soaking in the fact that I won this year’s Achiever Award for Chicagoland! I was surrounded by incredible nominees and finalists across all categories. My company went all out to make the evening beyond memorable which perfectly complimented all that YOUR company did to create such a special and high energy event. This is such an impactful way to recognize and support Administrative Professionals. I am humbled and honored. I look forward to supporting this organization moving forward. I will forever cherish my award and the fantastic evening. Thank you! Thank you!


Executive Assistant, MJ Holding Company

I appreciate that you recognize administrative professionals by creating Oscars for AP. Most people in our field don’t get recognized for the work we do. This is a way for them to kudos and get their supervisor involved. I enjoyed the experience from beginning to end. Thank you!


Executive Assistant, Willis Towers Watson

I had the pleasure of being with Evelyn Johnson when she received her award Above the Call. I can not tell you how excited I was to hear her name called. She is an amazing lady with a heart of gold! Very deserving of this award. She is still in awe that she won. Thank you!!


Sr EA, Southwest Airlines

What a great event. It was so well put together and organized that you forgot that it was virtual. Great organization recognizing Administrative Assistants that made a perfect evening of fun for many.


Executive Admin, Platinum Copier Solutions LLC

I left my job as a Chief of Staff 2 weeks before COVID shutdown last year due to sexual harassment, sexual assault and in general a hostile work environment. It was the roughest year of my professional life. When I was nominated by a peer I cannot express how validating it was. It gave me a new fire, reminded me of the Bada$$ I truly am. Winning the award was further confirmation and has only further inspired me to be an advocate for administrative professionals everywhere.


Executive Assistant, Coforma

Fantastic platform of EA recognition and connection. I was so extremely proud and honored to be a finalist and truly felt special and appreciated from Admin Awards team, my manager/colleagues, the EA community and past colleagues.


Sr. Executive Assistant , Salesforce

Excellent event! Exciting and fun experience, my team was thrilled and appreciated the opportunity to be recognized and look forward to next year. Happy to see such an organization recognizing the value and contributions of the administrative professionals.


Sr. Manager Administrative Support / Services, Nutanix, Inc.