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The Advisory Board Leadership Opportunity

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About the Advisory Board Opportunity:

The Admin Awards Advisory Board is a leadership opportunity reserved for career-minded professionals that are passionate about advancing the Administrative Profession. The Advisory Board is critical to driving the success of the program in the local market.

Our Mission:  To recognize and celebrate the country’s talented Administrative Professionals and be their fiercest advocates.

The function of the Admin Awards Advisory Board is to ensure we create and evolve a program that reflects the needs and wants of the regional community of Administrative Professionals and Business Leaders while helping us achieve our goals in the areas of awareness, nominations, major prizes, and sponsorships. Advisory board service is typically a one-year term and meetings occur over a seven-month period. Candidates for the Advisory Board are chosen to represent the Admin Awards in the business community and are instrumental in helping move our mission of Administrative recognition forward.

The Advisory Board Commitment:

  • We will hold one Advisory Board meeting each month virtually, with one in-person meeting.
  • Time will be spent outside of board meetings helping us build program awareness to encourage nominations, helping identify resources, sponsors, major prizes, etc.
  • Board member engagement is critical and we ask that board members do not miss more than 1-2 meetings with advance notice.
  • There is no financial requirement to serve on the Advisory Board
  • Board service excludes you from the Admin Awards competition during your year of board service.

Benefits of Serving on the Advisory Board:

  • Board Members report feeling tremendous fulfillment from board service in being an instrumental part of the program’s local success.
  • Board service includes interaction with like-minded peers at area companies and is an excellent networking opportunity.
  • Advisory Board members have successfully leveraged their appointed positions to help them differentiate themselves from other job candidates and to help establish themselves as leaders.
  • Whether you’ve served on boards before or are new to board service, we welcome your application and value diversity. The one thing all members have in common is a passion and commitment to making great things happen together!

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