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The Admin Awards Advisory Board is a coveted Admin-only leadership opportunity for 12-14 appointed Administrative Professionals that have a passion for both advancing their profession and for helping move The Admin Awards program forward in each of our program cities.

The function of the board is to ensure we create a program that reflects the needs and wants of the local Administrative Professional community while helping us achieve our goals in the areas of awareness, nominations, major prizes, and sponsorships. Advisory board service is a one-year term and meetings typically occur over an 8-11 month period either during breakfast, lunch or dinner (timing varies by local market preferences) and are 2 hour long meetings.

The Advisory Board has become something very special to previous year board members for a variety of reasons. Not only do members report feeling tremendous fulfillment from being a part of something bigger than themselves — that they helped create and grow into an exciting, thriving program but additionally, the friendships and relationships that are built are ever-lasting and incredibly fruitful.

Advisory Board members have successfully leveraged their appointed positions to help them differentiate themselves from other job candidates and to help establish themselves as leaders in both their profession and organizations. Tenured admins supporting CEO’s of our country’s top companies have served on the board in addition to admins representing smaller organizations. The one thing all members have in common is a passion and commitment to making great things happen together!

Application Deadlines and Board Meetings for our 2020 Programs are as follows:

Chicago (2020) –  Application Deadline: FULL
Silicon Valley (2020) – Application Deadline: FULL
Houston (2020) – Application Deadline: FULL
Dallas (2020) – Application Deadline: FULL
Fort Worth (2020) – Application Deadline: FULL
San Francisco (2020) – Application Deadline: MAY 1
Denver (2020) – Application Deadline: MAY 1
Boston (2020) – Application Deadline: MAY 1

Additional Information:

  • Approximately 5 hours a month in volunteer hours should be expected (which includes the board meeting time)
  • Time will likely be spent outside of board meetings helping us build program awareness, encourage nominations, resources, major prizes, etc.
  • Board participants help connect us to people and companies that we identify as potential sponsors and community partners.
  • Participants are often moved out of their comfort zones and are challenged to be fearless in the advocacy of their profession and this program as we work to move mountains together.
  • There is no financial requirement or expectation that your company will serve as a sponsor of The Admin Awards.
  • Board members cannot miss more than 2 meetings with advance notice.

Your program’s local Director will contact you soon to talk in more detail about the opportunity and your interest in serving on one of our boards.

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