© 2020 by Deidre L. Dixon

Looked over at my sister and what did I see?
Someone fly
Someone strong
Looking back at me.

Said hello to my sister and what did I hear?
Someone kind
Someone smart
A woman I could revere.

Explored beyond the surface and what did I find?
One with strength
One with poise
Story similar to mine.

She was Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White.
She was tall, medium, short with a weight from heavy to light.

She was middle class, poor and she was wealthy.
She was in bad shape, doing okay and completely healthy.

She was married, divorced, separated and single.
Her hair was blonde, gray, red, black, brown and mingled.

She was an elder, young and she was middle-aged.
She was just getting established, floundering through life and set for the rest of her days.

She was encompassing a whole spectrum of factors.
Having respect for this woman is really what matters.

We all have a womb, breasts and several things alike.
Yet, we all have differences and come from different walks of life.

Don’t pre-judge, speculate or dismiss like women sometimes tend to do.
She was created by God fearfully and wonderfully just like you.

We are women, all with dreams, goals, passions, values and visions.
Let’s accept our differences and let celebrating each other be our mission.

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