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Admin Awards Wrapped

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The 2023 Admin Awards ‘Wrapped’

In 2023, we held 9 Award Gala’s in 9 different cities from April to November. We had over 3,000 attendees, 81 winners and XX Finalists! Here are some of our favorite moments from 2023!

Best Crowd Pleaser 

The Houston Sherriff's Department Policemen pumping up the crowd!

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office came to support their admin, Elizabeth Longoria at the 2023 Houston Admin Awards Gala. The Police Officer’s busted some moves and pumped up the crowd!

Best Winner Reactions

Melanie Macanlalay with Southwest Airlines, Above the Call Award Winner at the 2023 San Francisco Admin Awards

Widelia Acevedo with FINRA, Colleen Barrett for Administrative Excellence Award Winner at the 2023 Washington DC Admin Awards

Elisabeth Hamon with Logitech, Leadership Award Winner at the 2023 Silicon Valley Admin Awards

Best Executive Spirit

Dan Dupras, Director, Tactical Edge, Integrated National Systems and Michael Corrigan, Business Unit VP from Northrup Grumman showed out with the best ‘Good as Gold’ spirit at the 2023 Washington DC Admin Awards. They handed out gold bars filled with candy and wore light up gold sneakers.

Sweetest Executive Moment

When Sheila Greene-Wright won the Strategic Partnership at the 2023 Dallas Fort Worth Admin Awards, her former boss, Franco Tedeschi (VP of US and Canada Airports & Strategic Partnerships) hugged Sheila’s current boss, Cole Brown (Chief People Officer) when they heard Sheila’s name announced.

Biggest Company Attendance

Applied Materials in Silicon Valley took home the BIGGEST Admin Awards company attendance with 90 attendees!

Best Major Prize Giveaway

Lucia Martin with Insperity won a 5 day, 4 night trip to The Ranch Italy at the 2023 Boston Admin Awards!

Best Spirited Presenter


Pete Minich, Owner and CEO of Fresh City Kitchen wore a fun disco ball helmet to present the Spirit Award. He truly represented what our Spirit award is all about!

Most Influential Administrative Leaders 

Left: Joan Burge was the recipient of the Jeannette Castellano Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 Silicon Valley Admin Awards. Read more about Joan’s legacy here.

Right: Margot Roache-Greene was the recipient of the Jeannette Castellano Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 San Francisco Admin Awards. Read more about Margot’s legacy here.

Best Team Spirit

Left: Onit from Houston with their Admins and Executives wearing fun gold capes!

Right: Toyota from Dallas Fort Worth had show stopping decor and sixty people with energetic spirit!


Most Viral Moment

During the 2023 Dallas Fort Worth Admin Awards, our logo was displayed on the outside of the Omni hotel. Unfortunately, the font of our logo did not appear the best and we ended up being a trending topic on the Dallas reddit page! People thought the program was rebooting LOL!

Funniest Moment – Dessertgate


At the 2023 Dallas Fort Worth Gala our attendees were served the most infamous dessert in Admin Awards history! We had lots of laughs over this one, including Jeannette Castellano, the Founder’s mother, who is 81 years old but acts like she is 12!

Most Likely to Have Fire Department Show Up

At the 2023 Boston Admin Awards, Tripadvisor accidentally set their awesome table decor on FIRE. Thankfully, the fire was controlled quickly and staff was able to put it out before it became an emergency situation.

Record Breaking Attendance!

The Dallas Fort Worth Admin Awards broke Admin Awards attendance history with a whopping 667 attendees! The room was filled with lots of love and spirit for the 2023 Nominees!

Best Tear-Jerker Moment!

Kyle Stanzel, COO Houston Methodist West gives a moving speech about his EA, Shay Jefferson, who won the Spirit Award at the 2023 Houston Admin Awards. Watch below!

Best Tribute Video!

Washington D.C. executives and co-workers showed their appreciation the BEST for their Nominees in their Tribute Video. Watch below!