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Marketing & HR Recognition Partnerships

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Learn about Marketing and HR Recognition Partnerships with the Admin Awards

The Admin Awards’ annual competition and employee recognition platform is the foundation for year-round partnerships which are laser focused on helping organizations achieve success in rewarding and retaining one of their most important employee groups; Administrative Professionals. These partnerships extend beyond the annual Admin Awards competition, and are a safeguard in ensuring that your Admins know they are valued and appreciated whatever the outcome of the competition. This is achieved through a thoughtful program that involves education,  inspiration, event-related VIP treatment, and becoming a part of the Admin Awards community of high-achievers which we bring together through throughout the year.

We make it easy for Executives and Coworkers to show tangible appreciation for the backbones of their organizations, the often overlooked Administrative Professionals, in a way that improves morale and strengthens company culture. We offer important benefits that serve HR related initiatives through powerful partnerships that we are proud to retain year over year often with the country’s largest employers.

The Admin Awards partners with organizations who realize the importance of the Administrative function, and how crucial it is to
keep up morale among Administrative Support Teams so they don’t get depleted. Our Rewards & Recognition Partnerships help organizations deliver important benefits to its often over-looked Administrative community through an exciting offering of benefits.

We help you navigate the Program.

A dedicated Admin Awards Program Manager helps you navigate the nominations process and provides you with customized, co-branded program materials that ensure that your organization is well-informed, prepared and ready with your internal nominations strategy.

Ensure your Admins experience The Admin Awards ‘Good as Gold’ Dinner Gala and leave inspired and proud to be an Admin.

Whether or not your organization ends up with Nominees or Finalist(s), the best way to guarantee that your internal Administrative Professionals know they’re valued and appreciated is by treating them to the Admin Awards ‘Good as Gold’ experience where every Admin is treated like royalty and leaves the event inspired, motivated and as one attendee wrote “leaving the event wanting to be a better Admin”. Nearly a decade of survey data confirms that whether an attendee is a Nominee, Finalist, Winner or has no status in the current year’s competition, 98% they rate their experience as “Very Good to Excellent”.

Complimentary High-Quality Gift for all Attending Admins and a Chance to Win Extraordinary Prizes!

Every Admin that attends the ‘Good as Gold’ Awards Gala is presented with a special commemorative gift regardless of their status in the competition. Each gift is carefully curated each year and attendees report that they are always excited to learn what this year’s gift will be because they know it’s something they’ll love and cherish for years to come.

PLUS, every attending Admin is registered to win one of 14 extraordinary prizes valued at over $500 and at times, as high as $22,000! Yes, that’s right – we’ve had all expense paid trips on business class to far away places such as London, South Africa, Dubai and Egypt in some of our markets!

Publicly show appreciation to your Admin Team in the Finalist & Winners Event Publication.

The Admin Awards Finalist & Winners Publication is your opportunity to say ‘thank you’ in print with an advertisement recognizing the hard work of your Administrative Support Team as well as congratulating any program Nominees and Finalists you may have in the competition.

The Finalist & Winners Publication is distributed digitally and/or electronically after each Awards Gala and is a cherished and important keepsake for Administrative Professionals.

Inspire your internal Admins with The Making of a Winner Admin Seminar

A one-hour presentation of the extraordinary stories, unique performance patterns and the tremendous impact some of the country’s top Administrative Professionals have had on their executives and organizations. This presentation was developed for Southwest Airlines and the response was outstanding. Attendees will laugh, cry and leave the session not only proud to be an Admin, but inspired to be a better one.

Additional Recognition Opportunities

Admin inclusion in Years of Service Recognition element at Awards Gala
Attendance at Cheers to Nominees Cocktail Reception
Opportunity to appoint a participant in the Admin-only Advisory Board Leadership Program
Prize drawing inclusion for all attending Admins at Awards Gala

Become a Rewards and Recognition Partner

To learn more about The Admin Awards and if an HR Partnership is right for you, email [email protected]