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Good as Gold Best Dressed and Team Spirit

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The Admin Awards ‘Good as Gold’ Gala

A very fun and creative element of the Admin Awards Gala is our Good as Gold Best Dressed and Best Team Spirit competitions. These are open to all attendees, regardless if they are an Administrative Professional.

  • Best Dressed: A prize for the best ‘Good as Gold’ themed attire goes to the most creative or vibrant display of the Good as Gold evening’s theme. This does not mean to go buy the most expensive gown.
  • Best Team Spirit: Prizes for the best Team Spirit and are awarded to organizations that come in fierce support of their Nominees or pride for their profession and display the best ‘team spirit!’

GET CREATIVE! We love to see new ideas in each city.

Note: If you plan on decorating your table, please let us know and we can coordinate a time for you to come into the ballroom early to decorate. This can be a fun surprise to your Nominee(s)!