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Admin Awards + OfficeNinjas Roundtable Discussion Download

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The Admin Awards + OfficeNinjas Roundtable Discussion

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Administrative Professionals already perform some of the same competencies as the leaders they serve. Now, they can receive the same leadership training experienced by thousands of leading executives and managers worldwide. Developed in partnership with the Executive Education team at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business – the OfficeNinjas Executive Education Program for Administrative Professionals is the only one of its kind. Taught by UC Berkeley faculty, high-performing administrative and operations professionals learn to thrive as leaders through improved communication delivery and mastery of authentic leadership presence.

During this roundtable discussion, we covered the following topics:

– The backstory of OfficeNinjas and how they were created
– How they approached UC Berkeley to collaborate on creating executive education exclusively for Administrative Professionals
– Why they chose Leadership & Communication as the cornerstones of their program and the skills participants can expect to develop and implement in their workplace
– A few participants who have gone through the program themselves speak about their experience
– The future of the Administrative Profession – and what skill sets Administrative Professionals will need most in the next 3-5 years to stay competitive


– Edwin Salgado, Co-Founder/CEO, OfficeNinjas
– Sarah Dunbar, Director of Community, OfficeNinjas (former Operations Director & EA)
– Ross Greenberg, Employee Experience Manager, Kaia Health
– Danielle Mack, Sr. Executive Assistant/New Business Supervisor, Ten35

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