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If there’s one thing Administrative Professionals must master it’s resiliency. And as Clint Bruce sees it, that’s a skill, not a personality trait. And one that anyone can attain.

As the world fluctuates between back to normal and anything but, you might find yourself in a frustrating state of limbo that might be even more challenging to you than the early days of the Pandemic.

There’s never been a better time to understand and develop mental toughness and there’s nobody better to lead this discussion that Clint Bruce, Former Naval Special Warfare Officer (SEAL), Naval Academy grad, NFL Player, Entrepreneur and Family Man.

Our discussion with Clint will help you raise the bar on your mental toughness in ways you never thought possible as he shares “some things I’ve learned along the way” on the ball-field, battlefield, boardroom, and breakfast table.

Here’s what we covered with Clint:

  • The 5 PursuitPoints… the daily habits and decisions he’s seen most elite performers design their days around.
  • The 4 “Human Performance Systems” and how their interdependence can be both a negative and a positive (and simple ways to make it a positive)
  • How courage isn’t the lack of fear – it’s the choice to override it, again and again. Fear isn’t the enemy and can actually be a fuel source once understood.
  • The system Clint uses to “reload” as a warrior, athlete, business leader and most importantly, partner and parent
  • How do we get ourselves and our team ready as we collectively begin the re-entry process after enduring such unprecedented times? How do we integrate the personal, professional, and relational discoveries we made in 2020 and 2021 and emerge with a greater capacity for reinvention, a stronger ability to adapt, and a reinforced need for balance?
  • A few fascinating stories about the role Admins have played in history and their impact on national security. (hint: Clint believes that most James Bond movies would be better described as Moneypenny movies).
  • Q&A – Ask Clint anything.



Watch the roundtable discussion here – https://www.adminawards.com/2022-clint-bruce-roundtable-recording/

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