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Every morning that an Admin’s feet hit the ground they start their impossible.

So you can imagine how excited we were when Toyota Motor North America came to us with the idea for a new Admin Award, the Start Your Impossible Award.  After all, Toyota executives see first-hand how their Admins achieve the impossible day every day they come to work – and make it look easy.

We sat down with Toyota Motor North America and Lexus executives and their administrative partners who they regard as “the soul of the organization” to learn more about the Admin environment at Toyota. 

In this Roundtable you’ll learn:

  • What an Admin’s career path looks like at Toyota 
  • Why Toyota leaders expect their Admins to pursue professional development
  • Why it’s important for Toyota Admins to be networked, internally and externally
  • How technology is increasing the importance of the role, not diminishing it
  • How a brand-new Toyota Admin created an internal Admin council
  • Why they wanted to name an Admin Award

Watch the recording to learn more about Toyota’s Admin environment and why Toyota’s Leaders believe the Administrative function is even more critical today and an instrumental part of the future of business. https://www.adminawards.com/2022-toyota-roundtable-recording/

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